Sunday, January 6, 2019

Little dress and other things

If you visited my BFF's blog A Romantic Country Home  you saw the little knit dress she made for me for Christmas to hang on my tree. I didn't put up a regular  tree this year other than my 3 ceramic trees and my manger. I also put out my Santa, snowman and caroler collections and that was it. These are the things I love to look at when I sit and have my coffee or tea. Oh, the lovely table runner I made that I can keep out till winter is over. Anyway, to get back to the cute little dress.  The detail roses blow me away...  I need to learn how to make these....  I am hanging the dress in my mini period brownstone house I made over a number of years ago. It is hanging from the changing screen in the mini bedroom.  It has been a while since I posted these rooms so I am going to use them as headers on my blog this year.

I love this little dress and I love it in my house.

BFF has made me a few things that I have put in my mini scenes.  She made me the little birdbath in my patriotic shed scene.

See the gazing ball in with my garden things

I love my fire hydrant.  I always know my house is safe cause it lives right outside the house.

hugs, lj


  1. That is adorable. My granddaughter would love your Barbie accessories.

  2. I also love the little knitted dress. I think the roses are made with bullion stitches, tricky but once you get it easy.
    We used to make dolls houses back in the day and the furniture. They went to the grandchildren in the end but looking at yours I wish we had kept them.

  3. That dress is adorable. It does have amazing details. Your miniatures are cute too.

  4. Adorable!!!! One of my bffs is making stuff for a dollhouse that was in her mom's attic. You'd love it. Her work is really awesome. The details she put into the shower stall alone are mind blowing.

  5. Your little house is the perfect place for that lovely dress!

  6. that is the sweetest dress to go with your house, such pretty details on the dress with the flowers

  7. Awwwww... thanks for the sweet post about me, you are so thoughtful! I am glad you like the little dress and am proud that you chose to do a whole post about all the little things! It looks great in your dollhouse! Love ya to pieces!