Thursday, August 10, 2017

starting a new wall quilt

Hi, hope you all are having a safe, healthy, wonderful summer.

I did a couple of cards and need to do a couple more  to get me thru the next few weeks because I am going to start a new quilt.

Cards I did so far...

  The quilt will be a wall quilt and I will quilt it as I go.  I loved how the machine embroidery looked on the crib quilt, so I downloaded some cactus designs from Embroidery Library for my wall quilt.   Will show the designs at a later time once I start the project.

You quilters know that it takes some time to get ready for a new quilt!!!    Pull the fabric from our stash,  go buy new fabrics that will match if needed, ha, ha, of course I will need some.  Check out the threads for the embroidery.   I  have to figure out dimensions as I am going to make each embroidered block a bit bigger than the last quilt.  I actually am trying to save a bit of moola....  the more embroideries I pick the more I have to spend on thread, which is really expensive. I hope this will work out how I have it in my head, lol....  I want it to look nice, but be a bit less expensive.... Retirement income, you know....

I am off to change the color changes in my embroideries.  They come through with a different thread manufacturer and I can go in and change it to Sulky which I use (and of course have a stash) but will surely have to go buy some new colors, lol...

Have a great nite and week end.  Hugs, LJ


  1. Quilters are a special breed!! I always envy your talents!!

  2. I can't remember if you commented on my Highfield Hall posts but the quilting I saw there was amazing! It's an art I could never do. I admire those who can!

  3. Love your cards, anxious to see your new quilt!!

  4. Shall be looking forward to seeing the making of this, post lots of pics...

  5. Your cards are so gorgeous. You have such wonderful creative talent. Good luck with your quilt.

  6. The cards are so nice. I like the gold one with the dimensional flower, so pretty. The quilt will have lots of color in it! I like the barrel cactus with the bloom on it. So cute. I can't wait to see more!