Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Year Of Quilting

I will finish my civil war quilt and also make a penguin quilt for next winter to display.   I dearly love this cute quilt that Sindy Rodenmayer   put together for her fat cat followers to make.

Between the two, I hope to keep very busy. I also want to learn to make soap and finish my 1/4 scale mini kits.  Let's see what I really get done, lol...

Here are the recent  civil war blocks I have finished.

You can find information about the blocks I am making at

Not only are these blocks interesting to make; the history about the brave civil war women that accompanies each block is fascinating to read.

Rosebud block

This block was designed by Becky Brown.  This block can remind us of Rose O’Neil Greenhow who was a confederate spy. 

Apple Tree Block

This block was inspired by a 1936 book “Romance of the Patchwork Quilt” by Carrie Hall.

Tennessee Block

Tennessee was the last state to join the Confederacy.

Calico Puzzle Block

This block first got its name in 1930 in the publication,  Kansas City Star.  This block reminds us of the fabric shortages during the war.

Tea Leaf Block

This block can also be referred to as a poplar, a magnolia or a maple leaf.  (this is also my favorite)

On to do the Ohio Star. 
Hugs, LJ



  1. I love all of the blocks...I love quilts! I'm not a quilter but I love quilts! Always anxious to see what you'll share next!!

  2. I 'intended' to get a quilt in the works this winter. Who am I kidding! I love to see your projects. The Tennessee block is definitely my favorite for a quilt. Is your little friend at the top still being a stinker? :D

  3. The different patterns and history are so fascinating. You do lovely work!

  4. Those blocks are soooo beautiful. Wow. And the penguin one is darling. Quilters amaze me!

  5. I can't wait to see the Ohio star (I'm from Ohio)!! You do beautiful work. The penguin quilt is SO cute!!

  6. Your quilt blocks are all beautiful! They will make a wonderful quilt when put all together. It sounds like you will be keeping quite busy.

  7. the penguin quilt is almost as cute as your pup. :)
    make soap, how cool. you're making me want to learn something new...thank you!
    happy days,

  8. I had a chance in class to do a civil war quilt,but I was not very good and thinking it would be hard passed.
    Wish I had now. Love your blocks names.
    thanks for comment.