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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Random Thoughts

Haven't posted pics of the animals of late so thought I would do that today.

My poor kit kat is getting old.   He is so beautiful....  He was such a loner, now when I am on the puter he will stay in my lap forever. Age changes animals as well as people.

Mad Max is getting big.  I don't think he will grow much more though. He is still a devil!!!  Can't believe he is 7 months old. Still chews on everything in site and loves to eat paper, of all things.

A lot to do with hubby and my hobbies,
But I try to make time to tucker this little guy out...


This is a new bed. Cant wait to finish the civil war quilt for this bed. I want to make a prairie style curtain the same fabric I will make the border with.

Thinking of painting my lingerie dresser  a milk paint shabby chic style. Graphic Fairies has some excellent ideas and I love their stencils that you can download for free for the drawers.  Maybe paint the bookcase white also.

Till next time, LJ


  1. Yes, age does change us. Since Dave's death, I've become quieter and tend to stay to myself more, enjoying the company of my animals and myself.

  2. Two lovely pets. How old is the kitty cat, my Skipper is 16 years old. Puppy sounds like a handful. :)

  3. My little mix breed doggie is very old now, poor thing. I love your idea for the dresser and I look forward to seeing the quilt!

  4. Yes, our pets do slow down as they age, just like we do. We have one lap-sitter though and he is our youngest. Thanks for sharing your fur-babies with us!

  5. I love the markings on your cat's face--so pretty. Max is cute, but looks like he might be ornery. :) Great pictures!

  6. I love seeing your pets. They sure give us lots of joy, don't they? Can't wait to see what all you do in this room. Just came from Celestina Marie's blog and she has painted some furniture that sure is pretty.