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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Sundry of Things

Trying to see the puppies hasn't panned out.  Hopefully we will see them on sat. I am beginning to get leery of ever getting to see them.  Trying to  Keep a good thought though.

My DIL and SON gave me sedum for Mothers Day and I just transplanted them.  She bought them to go into my urns to make them look rustic so we will see when they start to cling how they will look. I almost didn't put them in but the more I looked at them I do think they will cling to the pot.

Here is the new garden I put in last year. Everything is coming up so far. I think I will mulch this one.  Was told not to put in the black mulch in direct sun as it burns the plants. I never would have considered that. I really love how the black mulch looks.

My niece sent me a care package cause she felt bad about Ragsy.  Here are a few of the items she sent.

You have to look close to see the cute little bear in the pot

This one just went fishing

Isnt this one just adorable!!!

Something to wile away the hours

I love this book by Sarah Young. Love the way it is written. I have finished a couple of Joyce Meyer Devotional books and had another book on my list to buy. This came at the right time.  She had other items like a basket, hand cream, flower seeds.  I was so touched by the thought she put into her package.

Someone is coming to take out the pool. I am getting too old to upkeep it any more. I will miss it very much but I am the only one that uses it. The kids come maybe once a summer, my neighbor, but mostly we sit out there and have wine or coffee. A lot of work for that.

Well that is the news from here. What's going on in your world. Hugs, LJ


  1. We have black mulch in the front and that is direct sunlight. My husband said he has never heard of that before---"burning the plants." The Hostas and Lilacs don't seem to mind...

    Oh.....if we lived closer, I would use the pool. smiles--we go to the city pool when it gets real hot. I hope you get to see the puppy soon...smiles

  2. I like the way black mulch looks too, but ours is a rust color. Filling in the pool will be a big job! Keep us posted on how it goes, please.

  3. Hope you get the see the puppies on Saturday. Your garden looks like. Good luck with taking out your pool. Have a good week. :)

  4. Those were sweet and thoughtful gifts from your niece. That was kind of her to think of you. We have a pool, and I agree having one can be a lot of work. We hope to move in a couple of years when my husband retires, and we have already decided our next house won't have a pool. We enjoy it, but it takes a lot of work, time, and money.

  5. I never would've thought that about black mulch. I think where we wanted to put it is the north side of the house...that might still work. I love your garden! Sorry about the pool though. They are a lot of work, that's for sure. And that was a very thoughtful care package you received too!

  6. I'm sorry I missed this post. Glad to hear about the pool, though it was fun, still too much work and expense. Your niece was so sweet to send you the package of goodies. I never heard that about the black mulch...I wonder...