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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Still At Odds With This Thing They Call Voting

Voting.... I am still at odds.  Our primary is getting close and I still do not know who I am voting for.

I am an independent and I absolutely know it wont be democrat. I am sick of Clintons. I never liked Hillary Clinton ever. (I am sick of Bush's also by the way.)  As far as Bernie Sanders goes I could not bring myself to vote for a socialist in this lifetime or any other lifetime.  Even though he says he will fight for the elderly, of which I am one, there is still no way.

Now to get to all those republican candidates.  Wow... It is really narrowing down isn't it.  Surprised the hell out of me when Sarah Pallin got behind Trump.... I do like what Trump says but it is the way he says it. He truly knows how to play the game and I am not so sure if I want him heading our country.  Scared he may have a much different agenda in mind and not letting us all in on it. I truly do not like this mans personality. Do I want to vote for him, up in the air even with all that.
I have been reading Ted Cruz's book "A Time For Truth".  He is pretty dang honest about himself and his family.  I like that.  Perhaps he is too honest and that is why the establishment hates the guy.  Rush Limbaugh said if you want true conservatism than vote for Ted.  I WANT TRUE CONSERVATISM!!!  I believe in the Constitution. It has worked for many moons. All those astute men who worked so hard at putting it together were forward thinkers. They knew greed would just increase in time. That power is money. Ted Cruz has fought for the Constitution  through his whole career. The reason he is so hated by the establishment is he stands by his own convictions. He fought for Texas for the Pledge of Allegiance in the schools, the Ten Commandments not being removed from public buildings and he won those cases before the US Supreme Court along with others that I agreed with.  I wont get into it here because it is too long to write about, you would have to read the book, but he fought against George W. Bush (Ted Cruz worked on his campaign to get him elected) in a couple of things that went against the Constitution and also won.  Now this is a man I believe has morals.

I do need to check out Rubio a bit more.  He has a lot of money now and he will have to be beholden. I love Ben Carson but I don't think he stands a snowball chance in hell so he is out.

I will get off my soap box now. It helps to put my thoughts into words on paper, but I am still up in the air. It does boil down to Trump or Cruz unless Ben Carson pulls a rabbit out of his pocket. 

Hugs, LJ   


  1. Wow, Lady Jane, you are very brave to discuss this openly on your lovely blog. (and I mean that--not making fun of you, just want you to know this.)

    I am a registered Conservative and like, my husband and son (who will be voting for the first time) love Trump---all for different reasons. Most def. not Rubio (we all agree he is too slick for us)--no more Clintons ('What difference does it make?' I hear her screaching this--Madame Secretary---4 Americans are dead, that is why!!!), no Bernie, no Bushes, no Christie...hang on to your seats, folks, it is going to get interesting soon...and I have to ask a question, do you really think the RNC is going to allow Trump or Cruz to become the nominee, just asking.

    Thanks Lady Jane for your thoughts on this... Blessings

  2. I will never vote for a conservative b/c they are trying to regulate women's reproductive rights and they hate poor people. I will never get behind Trump. He's a mean, misogynist bully and Sarah Palin is so stupid that I can't believe anyone listens to what she says. Bernie Sanders' 'socialism' isn't at all what you are thinking it is. And if you have no problem with Social Security, then you have no problem with socialism. Just my two cents.

    1. I thought about twice posting a comment back---but then it really got me mad--my husband paid into Social Security and draws from/on it-that was taxed/TAXES for 35 years of hard work and for also giving his time and life to the federal government/military--that is not socialism--and I think perhaps you might want to read up on "the Bern" and conservatives, I am thoroughly confused on where you are getting your information from.

      My apologies Lady Jane, not trying to start something.

  3. There are lots of things to consider, that's for sure.

  4. I'm hoping for Rubio or Cruz, but am actually leaning toward Rubio. Trump is not a conservative.

  5. We sure agree on politics and which way to vote. The Republicans have several great candidates.

  6. I absolutely agree with everything you said. I don't want to vote for Trump, but I will before I vote democrat. Mr D and I are really wanting to see Cruz get the nomination. Like you I like Carson, but I don't think he stands a chance either. Looks like it's really going to be Cruz or Trump. I'm so tired of the mess we have in DC, does any one of them, republican or democrat really care about this country any more? It's all for the party or personal gain and to heck with the people. With that said...look who the majority put in office twice. That's scary to me, that many voters obviously agree with that kind of leadership. Scary

  7. I appreciate your thoughts on all this. I can see you are researching before making a decision. I am undecided myself.

  8. I'm just gonna ditto what both you and Ms. Mary said. I'm certainly not into politics....try to vote my convictions. Reading things like this helps put more into perspective for me. HOPE you have a great weekend.

  9. You're brave Lady Jane, especially since I've been seeing such mean and nasty comments from people who don't like conservatives and are pro-Hillary ( seen all over the web ). I think it is sad to see so much hatred toward people who think and vote differently than oneself when we supposedly stand for the right to voice our own opinions without fear of reprisal. I especially appreciate RESPECTFUL dialogue when discussing politics, religion, etc. and am always ready to listen and try to comprehend where another is coming from if respect is part of the dialogue.

    I think we would be great friends if we lived closer to one another and your voting dilemma mirrors my own.