Saturday, November 14, 2015

Smaller than a placemat, bigger than a mug rug

My niece and her hubby have a travel trailer.  Now I believe the tables are smaller in those than a regular table. I don't want them to overpower and yet I don't want them to get lost.  I saw this design on the internet, thought they were cute (I have always wanted one of these vintage trailers...) and copied it.  She was gracious enough to let me borrow her ancestor site so I could see what she has found on the family so I made them for her birthday.

Cant really read the name on the door too well,
Hope they like them...
Now, what can I sew???
How bout a little girl purse for Sophie!!!
Hugs, LJ


  1. Those are so cute! You did a nice job with all those little details.

  2. That will make a perfect gift, so cute.

  3. those are adorably clever! did you know there are a LOT of facebook groups for camper, trailers, vintage, canned hams, etc. I belong to several and it's a lot of fun...seeing campers, where people camp, and what they sell.

  4. These are perfect and oh, so cute. On my blog tonight, I have shared the cutest little camper trailer!