Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hurting Hands

A few months ago my son hurt his hand and part of his arm.  He was in the bucket on the bucket truck and the bucket shifted and his arm got caught between the bucket and a tree.  He went through months of physical therapy.  Since then it has healed but he has a lot of trouble with it, but he continues to work with it.  I have hurting hands.  Gardening and doing my crafts have been a real trial this year.  I wonder if my age has anything to do with it, ya think???  While DS was laid up he bought this paraffin wax contraption and has lent it to me...  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  It is truly amazing how my hands feel when it comes out of the hot wax...  Although it is a wee bit expensive to keep plugged in it is worth it!!!
It takes a full day to heat up so I keep it plugged in.

You dip your hand into the hot wax 15 times

You wrap your hand in a plastic bag for 15 minutes

Then you remove the wax and put back into the container

Soft as a baby's butt....

I am afraid to find out how much these machines cost but I bet they are expensive.  Thanks for lending this to me son. I am afraid he will ask for it back, lol...Then I will have to check out the price...
Hugs, LJ


  1. I have used this and it is wonderful.
    I had to stop quilting and now kitting hurts my shoulder.
    Getting old stops to much of life's fun things.

  2. I've heard of these hot wax treatments, but I've never seen one or had it done to my hands. Sounds like it would be lovely.

  3. Amazing, I've never heard of doing this. So glad it's helped your hands feel better.

  4. The wax isn't too hot when you put your hand in? I always liked touching candlewax and it did my my fingertips very smooth and soft. This looks awesome.

  5. I soak my hands and feet in hot water with epson salts. Old remedy that is inexpensive and works. Makes them soft too!

  6. I learned something new reading this. I am praying that your son's hand and arm heal completely; what a good treatment that hot wax sounds like.

  7. I have had my hands in one of those myself. Hey send me your address again i looked everywhere for it.