Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This is how it started

The generator isn't working. We need this because without it the basement would flood.   We have had trouble with it from day one actually.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  Out came the tech.    She said she has always had an issue with how close the gas tank was to the generator and all the extra line that was there.  It would be safer to move the tank.  Tech leaves to send for a new starter.  Out comes gas guy.  He said all I had to remove from my garden was a few plants and they would move the tank.  He didn't tell me they would bury the line cause the old one wasn't buried and put in a regulator because we didn't have one.    Also we would need a bigger tank as the one we had was too small for this generator.  OK....  After removing the few plants he said needed to go,  I ended up having to move all of the them out of there while they were here or they would have been trampled.  Thank goodness one of the men helped me so I could save my plants.  Long story short the generator still doesn't work and the tech is bringing someone else with her tomorrow to see if they can figure out why.  But,  here is what I ended up doing:
I moved all plants out. You can see them on the left.  I gave some of the flowering ones to my neighbor.  Like to broke my heart, it did... I don't need another garden. Or do I????

Transplanted some of this stuff (pachysandra) 
to here. 

Ya , I know they need water.  In an hour they will get some.
OK,   now what??? 
I have  a ton of hostas and daylilies so what to do with them.
I will replace all my flowers I have around the house and put in hosta, daylily, hosta, daylily all around the house.  That way I will only have to weed these areas in the spring as I cut those down in the fall. They get pretty dense and weeds don't grow under them the rest of the summer.
  I dug up here....
This is a roto tiller that goes on the end of the weed wacker.  Toro makes it and there are other attachments for it.  I love this dang thing...  Getting pretty heavy for me to handle though...

Dug up those stones on the right. I will  have to buy a couple more of them and put them back in around the garden.

Almost ready to plant but it has been 90 and humid and I stopped weeding cause it is too dang hot...

 I might make it just a wee bit bigger.  Depends once I get the flowers out from around the house. I know I will have to give some of them to my neighbor...   All my summer weeding now will be in this one area.... Hurray!!!
All because of a non working generator...
Hugs, LJ



  1. Wow. You are a busy bee out there. BTW, loving those wagon wheels. I had a generator wired into my house in Washington State. Of course I sunk thousands into it after a 5 day power outage following a windstorm, and the power never went out again. Isn't that always the way?

  2. Oh my. You've been doing a lot of work. I've got more weeding to do here, but it is just too hot right now. Sounds like you've got a good plan to make things better.

  3. What a shame you have to do all this to move a tank. Be careful in this heat.

  4. Gee, what a bunch of work you have ahead of you. You are so ambitious. I have been working out there a little each morning, too hot in the afternoon. It's really dry out there, so I'm just trying to keep the plants alive. Makes the flowers really short lived. Every summer is a challenge. You have the right idea to simply the plantings. I should do the same. I did remove a lot this Spring, but it's still very crowded. I need to take some pictures again and post to my blog. I will try to do this soon.

  5. It is so frustrating when things stop working...........causing more work for you! Glad you saved your plants and I hope your new garden area does well!

  6. Hope that generator problem gets resolved after all your hard work, LJ.