Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bro's 80th

Yesterday was my brother's 80th birthday.  His kids had a wonderful birthday party for him on Saturday. He lives in Tucson so I couldn't make it out for it but I so hope to see him if and when we can travel again as it has been a few years since I have seen him.  We are pretty much tethered to our home and area right now. I didn't take a pic of his card for my blog. "What is the matter with me, lol"...  Here is what I put on the front of his card. It is a pic I found on the internet and I can not give the person credit because I have had it for a long time and lost the persons name.

It was perfect cause he has had a camera in his hand since a little boy.
He owned a camera store for many years.
I put a pic of him inside as a little boy
I am so lucky to have him all of my life.
Happy Birthday Big Bro!
Hugs, LJ


  1. What a wonderful and special card and picture. I have never seen a card like this! Is that your purple azalea? It is full and beautiful!

    1. I think it is an azalea but was told it was a small leaf rhodo. I think I should call it an azalea, lol. Thanks for confirming my thoughts. I make all my own cards so they are all personal to the people they are going to. Another hobby...

  2. Happy Birthday to your brother! Love the childhood photo.

  3. How wonderful. I love the picture! I also love your white chairs you picked up for your porch! WOW! I wish I had a porch...something I have always wanted.

  4. Bleated Birthday Wishes for your brother!

  5. very sweet and thoughtful! love all the pics, just wonderful!

  6. Happy Birthday, Bro! I hope you had a wonderful day. I love the pic of the card and the pic of him as a little boy! Nice job!

  7. What a wonderful card! I hope your brother had a nice birthday.