Saturday, March 28, 2015

Well YUK to my first block

First, I used my silhouette to cut out the squares and it worked fine at first, then I had to go to cutting them out by hand as I couldn't get the fabric to stick to the mat. I was trying to use freezer paper not the paper that comes with the silhouette. Even at that I don't think I will like doing it that way. Takes a while to set it all up and I probably could have more cut but that time. I will try their product to see if it is better but it is expensive that way. Anyway,  I probably had squares that were different because of that.  Then half way through sewing I switched from the walking foot to a regular foot as I had a hard time starting at the edge of the fabric cause I couldn't see it well.  The book doesn't say how to stitch the squares together but I feel I did it the only way that I could do it.  I will make another as this one is just awful...

The star fabric needs to be cut out better also.  Ouch, at 50 squares this will take me forever, lol...  Off to watch lots of videos on how to do this and hope my next one will be better. Wish me a lot of luck, I am going to need it....  LJ


  1. Wishing you success. I don't cut/sew any longer but I am watching videos on a new laptop - anything new drives me nuts!!!

  2. Replies
    1. You are too kind Ginny. But all corners of the squares are supposed to match up and mine don't. But I will try another one.