Friday, March 20, 2015

Washed Fabric, Starch and Bugs, Ironing Nut, My Mom And Mangles

 I am glad I washed the fabric.  The star fabric really wonked out on me.  I think I will use liquid sizing instead of starch because in reading about starch it said starch will flake and sizing won't.  It also said if you spray a fabric with starch and put it away for a long time you can end up with bugs as the base for starch is a food product. Now I don't know if it meant regular spray starch you buy in the market today or the homemade version you make from cornstarch. I checked my spray starch can and all it said was starching agents in the ingredients. See what just a little knowledge can do! Now how am I suppose to know from that?  Liquid sizing is a synthetic and I believe that is what I will use as it said it is lighter where spray starch is a lot heavier.

When I made my tote I noticed that when I used my iron it left a smudge sometimes where the seams were.  So I cleaned the iron.  As long as I was at it I cleaned them all.

I am an iron nut.... Almost everything we own gets ironed...
I always use the Teflon plate iron for most of my ironing.
This one wasn't too bad as I have always use distilled water in this one.

These two were disgusting.

Didn't take a before pic but this is after cleaning.

Irons I use with doll clothes and mini's

This led me to think of my mom (who also was an ironing nut). She used to iron my dad's handkerchiefs and the sheets. NO I DONT IRON THE SHEETS.... When mom and dad were first married mom worked in a laundry and she used what was called a mangle
When I was really little this was how she washed the clothes at home in a machine very much like this one. I would stand on a stool and she would let me run socks through the wringer. The wringer had a crank on hers. I could use the crank and she would feed the socks through.
She would then hang the clothes outdoors to dry.  Didn't matter summer or winter. I know sometimes rain or snow really messed up laundry day though.
When dry she would iron parts of clothes: pant legs, sleeves and sheets on a Mangle just like this one.  She also had the ironing board up with a iron for the areas she couldn't get with the mangle.
Laundry day was quite an event at our house. When automatic washing machines came out you can imagine how ecstatic she was to get one... She refused a dryer when they cam out though because you had to have that fresh air smell!!!
Now this is what I use sometimes to steam my garments.

We've come a long way, Baby....



  1. I remember growing up we had the old wringer washer. Bugs in fabric softener? Well, people have been clamoring for all natural ingredients!! YUCK. It is HARD to get a good iron that I like, at a reasonable price. I am with YOU, only Teflon plate ones. And I also like the cord reels very much. And it has to be light weight. Irons have sure gone up in price, Did I tell you how pretty your background is?

  2. I just recently bought some of the same fabric I see on your post...the one with the stars on it. I like ironing too and I try and iron everything. I remember my grandmother ironed the sheets. I like to do the pillowcases. I would always choose to do the laundry over dishes any day.

  3. Really love the star fabric, I never iron, yuk.Spring Blessings Francine.

  4. I don't like ironing and luckily my husband doesn't mind. :)
    Happy Spring!

  5. Playing catch up again.... Your irons look great, you have so many! I think once you iron the fabrics, you'll find that you don't need starch...