Saturday, December 6, 2014

Advent Calendar Trees

Hi All, Spent a really nice day with my GD making these Advent Calendar Trees.  The designs come from SVG Cuts  and we did them on my cameo. SVG Cuts does such a great job and they have wonderful tutes so you can never mess up.  Because GD is a Photoshop wizard she caught on to Silhouette studio software like a duck takes to water and away she went...

I apologize for this awful photo but I took it from an email GD sent to me taken with her phone. I couldn't  transfer  a pic of  it here so I printed it and took a pic with my camera and this is what I got.  Not just one way to skin a cat when you are technology challenged such as I am, lol....
Hmmmmmm, wonder what darling GD will put behind all those doors??? 
Til next time, LJ


  1. These are really cute! I'm sure there will be many tiny treasures behind those doors!

  2. These are awesome and I think your round about photography worked well:) They are very pretty. Now I am wondering. Hug B