Monday, November 10, 2014

Beach Boys Latest Hit....

Obama is in this video but don't let that get your dander up... Remember Bush didn't do much for the illegals crossing over the border as did Clinton or the other Bush.  For some reason we seem to be in Mexico's pocket...  We need to fight this together as Americans.  Not Reps or Dems.  The time for division is over!!!
Subject: Beach Boys Latest Hit
You Beach Boys fans will appreciate this one.
Catchy Tune . . . Sneakin’ Into the USA



  1. It would be nice if the two parties would work together to accomplish things.

  2. Jane, I haven't liked a President since Reagan but sincerely believe Obama has done more damage than any of those who came before. As to the borders...more guards, weapons and ammunition. If folks can't come here legally, no matter *what* the president says, they deserve to be shot on sight. Yeah, I'm radical on this; we're having trouble taking care of tax paying citizens; further, why are we borrowing money from China to give to Egypt, Syria, Israel and dozens of other countries?
    Our great grand-children are in debt and still those DC ejits borrow, borrow, borrow and give, give, give. It's insane.