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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Cozies for Our Cozy Abode...

Hey all,
 How's it going?

  All I do is weed, weed, weed!!!
Gal came to fix the skimmer on the above ground pool and move out the filter so we don't have to hunch over and duck walk to go under the platform anymore to do our thing.  Oh ya, too funny,  wish I had a pic of that one for ya.... No really I don't!!!   Gal ran into probs so will be back God knows when.  I swear summer will be over before we get the pool up and running. The girl is suppose to service the generator later today but I am wondering if that will be a happening seeing it is already 4:30.   The drive way guy will come on Sat. to seal the drive.  Too much "stuff" that needs doing around here.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg... Sometimes I wonder if we should just   RENT???
Done some stitching.

Here are pics of the cozies and placemats I made.
Food processor, blender, mixer....
Toaster and matching towel....

Better shot...


Right now I am working on a skirt because I have a ton of fabric in my stash to use up. We will see how that comes out!  I enjoy doing house hold stuff and applique on small table runners, etc.  Clothes are another story.  It is hard to fit the shape if you know what I mean...   I had a dummy once, no, no,  a sewing double... Ha.... some double, lol... ended up giving it away when middle age spread kicked in.  I didn't think it helped all that much except for hemming anyway....
1st skirt fabric:
2nd skirt fabric:

Possible knit top:
I try to keep busy...

Have a great weekend coming up and I will try to visit you all during the next few days.


Threw in a pic of the Fairy Garden that the kids across the street like to visit...

 Hugs LJ....


  1. I love your cozies/towel. You are so smart. Your kitchen looks great.
    That is such a cute fairy. I would love to create a fairy (tiny) garden.
    The skirt materials are lovely. Have a good evening.

  2. Love all that you've been much to do! I feel the same way! We are supposed to slow down in our old age...not speed up! haha I especially like the fairy garden, I need to do something like this, so cute!

  3. My first glance at the first fabric picture, I thought it was real African violets! Our driveway is gravel, so no sealing needed!

  4. Your cozies look great! I like your skirt and top materials too. We are still trying to get our pool up and running too. It seems it is one thing after another.

  5. Love the covers for your appliances! Love the skirt and top fabrics as well! We used to have a pool when our children were young. It was so nice to have Hope you enjoy it!

  6. Your covers look wonderful! Pools can be a lot of hard work but so worth it!