Wednesday, April 2, 2014

old sewing machine still works

Hubby and I took the sewing machine in for repair yesterday.  Took over an hour to get there cause we took a much better road.  Wont have it back for a couple of weeks.  CAN'T WAIT....  While there I told the man who runs the store my predicament with my 40 year old Morse sewing machine.  It was missing the bobbin case  so it wouldn't sew.  Paul gave me a bobbin case and bobbin and said it should fit the machine.  I was skeptical...  After all it is 40 years old.  Well he knows his stuff for sure.  The case fit... so I oiled up the machine and wallah....  IT SEW'S....  It is old and worn like me, but with a little oil we both will do in a pinch.....

This is the bobbin case, tricky to put in and out but without it of course it wont sew....
Doesn't do the job my husky does but it sews straight stitch and zigzag. What more do you want?  A bit harder to get the stitches just so because there is a little screw on this case you turn to get the bottom thread tension right.  I would take it out and show it to you but it is a bugger to get back in.  If you look close at my stitch cloth you will see some stitches were too loose but after fiddling a while I got it just right.  Not automatic like my husky is.....
I never would have done the sewing I do now with this machine. I am such a lucky duck to have my other machine as they have come a long way baby....


  1. I am glad you at least have something until your good one is back.

  2. Glad you got your old one to work. Your old one looks much like the one I have. It isn't working well right now, and I need to get it fixed if that is possible.