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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sewing Machine on Blink

Hi, I am posting both to my mini site and here and apologizing that I haven't been here for 2 months.  Like I said on For the love of Mini's, nothing is wrong healthwise -" thank you Lord"!!!  Just been doing lots of things and the computer has taken a back seat. I have been exercising and lost 8 pounds, yay..... I am happy as well as my Doc will be happy if I can keep it off till I next  I see her.  Hate the boring bicycle, but it is working along with the dieting and I love the audio books.

Unfortunately my sewing machine has to be taken in for a repair. When closing the lid a tiny screw went sailing by my head and the hinge fell down inside the machine so it needs to be fixed.  That is the pain in the butt thing about these computerized machines.  If it were a manual type I would take it apart and fix it myself....   While there it will get a cleaning as it has never been done.

 Posting pics of the last project....
The hen design comes from 

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  1. So sorry about your machine. Congrats for the weight loss, I have lost too!! Your place mats are just beautiful, would you make a set and sell them and how much would you charge?

  2. Hi, hope you get it fixed soon...Congrats on losing weight! I really like these placemats...roosters are a favorite of mine. LOL!!! Purrs & Hugs...

  3. Those are so cute and hope your machine is working soon. Congratulations on the weight loss...well done!

  4. The place mats are so cute, Lady Jane. You did a nice job on them. Congratulations on losing weight too!