Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Busy Stitching

It started before Christmas. Knuckle head that I am I didn't get a pic of it but I found the design on the net at and made one like this

 for a dear friend.  We don't usually exchange gifts and to tell you that I surprised her  YEP, I DID... She loved it. YAY....Not everyone likes  what I call fancy aprons -  they choose the work aprons like in the blog header. But I had a feeling this was Josy all over.  Pic of the fabrics I made it with:
It came out really adorable. I used the black as the apron itself, the white and black for the ruffle, pockets and ties.  I need to make me one, lol....
I made the smock for my SIL. She and I both love these and they are hard to find. Dang,  I couldn't even find a pattern for one. I had a couple smocks kicking around that belonged to my mom 40 years ago and they literally are falling apart as I have used them so much as did she.  I took one apart and made a pattern and this is what I came up with.  This time I made one for me!
She is also getting this:
Recognize the fabric, lol....  Gotta use it up, right.... The embroidery is so cool with this fabric.
Then came Annie my niece, She said she likes cats.
The cat applique comes from Fat Cat patterns...
Next apron is going to Yvette, my other niece. I am working on a bird apron for her. " AND THEN,  ALONG CAME JONES".... Not really, ME.... I want to get stitching up something for my house. I need to make some roman shades for the LR... And finish those dang placemats.....
What are you busy stitching?
Till next time, LJ


  1. I love the fancy apron and the smock and the embroidery is just so fun!
    My mom loved the smock and kept a tissue handy in the pocket.

  2. They are wonderful. I really like the cherry prints!!

  3. Where have I been while you've been sewing! You did a wonderful job on those aprons. I was just thinking this morning that women were wise to weat smocks back in the day. I don't know how many shirts I've ruined by splattered bleach, and I'm constantly treating little grease splatters on my shirts before washing. It would be nice to have a few of those around. Love your work. I'm making a quilt.

  4. You are so creative and talented! Lovely work on all of these!

  5. They are all so lovely! I love the kitties...such great work/ stitching on them all... Take care and keep warm...
    Hugs & Purrs

  6. Warm Greetings from the cold Warsaw. Have a look at the new photo album.

  7. They are all really cute. I love your color combinations and the ME fabrics!