cotton and lace

cotton and lace
cotton and lace

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Gardening In The Basement

Welcome Linda to my blog.  Glad you become a follower. If you have a blog let me know so I can visit you.

Started my nieces quilt today.  Didn't get very far though.  Here are the first two blocks done

I only have two more garden ones left to do and perhaps a home sweet home for the center.  Not sure what I am using for the in between blocks.  Maybe heart blocks.  Will make it up as I go along.  Wont be ready for Christmas, but she knows this will be a New Years gift.

Hugs, lJ

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sleepy Time

I've been making  pillow cases. They are so much fun to make. I hope the kids like them.  First I did the one with the serger from Hell!!!  

Then I did two with a French seam on the sewing machine.  It didn't take much longer than screwing with the beast,  lol.... 

Maybe 5 to 8 minutes longer and it looks much better and I know it won't unravel after many washings.

How are you guys doing with your Christmas projects?

Hugs, LJ

Monday, December 4, 2017

Spaghetti Crafting

I am still knitting socks and now thanks to Utube I crocheted a dolls hat for my great niece.

I love Utube!!!

Now I will do a matching one for Sophie.

I really get mad at the way yarn is packaged!!!

If you don't get the right end this is what I get!!!

So dang frustrating....

Hugs, LJ

Sunday, December 3, 2017

A start to Christmas

Whoa, I am way behind this year.  At least I got the wreaths on the doors.  Last years wreath I made and this years is in the header.

Hugs, LJ

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Pup gets a warm sweater...

Yay, a new follower. Welcome Fee!!! So nice of you to join me. Go over to visit Fee at

Also there is a give - away going on over at 

give her a look.  I tried to put her button in my sidebar, but alas I couldn't do it. She has a wonderful site.

I like the striped totes better, but this one has pretty fabric inside and out.

Also a warm puppy sweater...  I will make him another of these. Maybe in a bright color so he will be more fashionable...

A tote for my neighbor....

Hugs, LJ

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Serged Pillowcase

Well it is done! 

Something so simple took me forever because the serger was set ok,  but then in the middle of stitching the right thread breaks.  I have changed the needle, tension, rethreaded the whole dang machine.  Quite a few times I might add.  Oh, also changed to what I think is a better thread.  I like the stitch when it works correctly.  I don't know why I have so much problem with this dang machine!!!  If I take it to the repair shop maybe they can tweek it or tell me what I am doing wrong. 

 I want to press a button and have a nice looking stitch, not fart around with it till it is right.

The case is Cute!!!

I think I will get more fabric and make a blanket to match.  I will make a couple for the kids across the street. Don't know if I will attempt them with the serger or my sewing machine. I guess it depends on how I feel the day of the deed, lol...

I redid the side 3 times and had to trim it a couple of times. Glad I cut it wide cause I had a feeling.....

I like how the bottom comes out with the rolled up version of this pillowcase.

Top serged fine...

Two layers of stitching on the side because I lost the right thread, it should not come apart, lol....

Now that I am not working on anything it works fine on scraps....

I know it has to me and I just don't have the patience to get the seam right!!!

I wish I could love this machine like I do my sewing machine....

Hugs, LJ

Friday, November 24, 2017

The Big Serge!!!

Hi, I finally got my serger to sew right.  Took me a long time to get it right, threading it and rethreading it, reading and watching a couple of videos and I really don’t know what it was.  You need for all 4 threads to make a chain and when they do you can sew your seam and adjust the tensions.  I just couldn't get it to make the chain.    If you don’t get the thread right into the discs you have a problem.  Also I think my needle was bent a smidgeon,  didn’t look right in the machine, but when I took it out it looked straight,  but I changed them anyway. It is sewing really good now for a 4 thread overlock seam which is used for a finished seam.  3 thread is usually used so a fabric won't unravel. Right now I am washing the fabric so I can iron and size it and it will be ready to go.

I left off using the serger at least a year ago and I couldn't remember why I put it up.  Obviously it wasn't sewing right, lol... Changing from a 4 thread to a 3 thread is a bit of a pain in the butt because you have to remove a needle.  I need really good lighting to do it and usually I end up dislodging one of the loopers so I have to go back and rethread the whole dang thing.  I will practice doing that after I sew the pillowcase.

 The right and  left needle are set to just below N.

The upper looper and lower looper are at N, every thing else is at N.

I can never get it like a regular sewing machine.  If I pull the fabric apart you will see the thread a tiny bit.  On a regular sewing machine you have to really tug to see any stitches. I did buy this machine for knits. I think I sewed one tee on it in all the years I have had it.

So now I will play with it again.

If any of you have any pointers I would love to hear from you.

Thanks, LJ