Fall Is In The Air

Fall Is In The Air
Fall Is In The Air

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sock It To Me

One sock done.

I had a couple of mistakes I had to go back and fix,  fortunately I hadn't knitted too far ahead when I noticed them.  Hopefully there will be no mistakes in the 2nd sock.  I'm learning!!!  First pair I have ever made.  I am allergic to wool. I found Premier Yarns Wool Free Sock yarn at HLobby.  It is nice and soft and warm feeling.  A little hard to work on 4 needles  because the yarn is fine, but love the feel of them.

Don't look at my basement floor, lol....

Hugs, LJ

Sunday, November 12, 2017

2nd tote

I had bought various colors to use on the first tote but decided on fewer looked better.  So with the fabrics I had left over I am making another bag.  Not quite finished with the handles yet.  Ran out of brown thread so need to buy some to finish the handles and attach a button inside and out.

Like I said I am not really a brown person.  I probably wouldn't turn it inside out and use the brown side.  But brown and black are good for the inside of a bag because it gets dirty fast.  These I hope will wash well. I don't think I would put them in the dryer though.  Wash them on the delicate wash, shake out and hang to dry I would think that would be how to do it.  May have to use a moderate heat from an iron after, not sure.

Hugs, LJ

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tote Done

I like this tote, but I like the one I made last year.  I like it mainly because that one is a stand up tote with a stiffer stabilizer. I think much  sturdier.  Because of how the handles on this tote are sewn it would be too difficult to sew with that type of stabilizer. The handles are sewn really strange on this bag.  This one has a fusible fleece lining. I hope my niece can utilize it for what she wants it for and it is big enough.

I am not crazy over the inside fabric because I am not really a brown person...  It does match well with the fabrics picked though.  And a good pic for a winter bag.

I do like the  versatility of the bag...
I am going to make myself one for shopping, and probably will utilize the brown for the lining also because I have enough for one more bag.

The buttons come from my moms button box (her gram) so this will make her happy I am sure.

This is the one I made last year:

When this one wears out I will make another but with a button closure as well.

I grab it for everything.  When I go to the Drs I throw my knitting or whatever hand stuff I am doing into it along with my tablet and I am good to go....  It goes to mini meets with me.  I throw hubbys stuff in it as well, because he has to have a bottle of water with him no matter where he goes.  

Hugs, LJ

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Pretty Fabic

My niece needs a bigger tote bag so I went on Shabby Fabrics (shabbyfabrics.com)  and picked out a tote that I think will meet her needs.  If you look there under freebies it is listed as the  reversible jelly tote.  There is a pattern and a video.

I sometimes order fabric but this trip I went to HL to buy it by the 1/3 yd, because I don't need so many jelly roll strips hanging around to use up.  I have so much fabric in my stash already to use up, as I am sure you sewers out there can relate to.  The darker brown is a yard for the top part and the lining. 

Here are my selections because she wanted browns to match something else she has..

I hope I have calculated enough fabric for the tote, lol..  Usually I use jelly rolls when asked for.

I will post how this bag comes together as I go along.

hugs, LJ

Monday, October 23, 2017

My TV Projects

I really need to get back to quilting.  I have sew many projects in my head I want to get done.  I have been doing these other things instead because days are filled with outside work.

This is how far I have gotten on the no brainer cross stitch block. There are 5 more of these and it is slow going...  Perhaps by the end of winter they may be done.

This reminds me of why I bought an embroidery sewing machine, lol...

The start to my first pair of sox.... Cant do this while watching TV, dang it.  I need more lighting when I do these.  I really need a standing light behind my chair so I can see what I am doing with these.....

Finished a dish cloth...  Simple to do while watching TV and I love these things....  Sponges get so grimy, so fast. Actually you can, and I do from time to time, throw my sponges into the dish washer. They will last a little longer that way. But they sometimes flake apart and get messy.  If you have enough of these cloths though, you throw them into the washing machine and you always have something clean to do dishes with.  I downsized it a bit cause the regular pattern is too big for my hand.

If you would like to learn how to knit these go to utube and follow a dish cloth pattern.  Easy peasy....  And useful too.

What have you been up to???

That's it for now,
Hugs, LJ

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Cross Stitch

My little teeny tiny cross stitch sampler for my miniature house was not easy for me to do cause I had a hard time seeing it.  I used magnifiers and did it under a bright light. I still had a problem.  I enjoyed doing the cross stitch itself so I went to HL and bought a bigger one.  For my first one I got a stamped version instead of a counted cross stitch, so I can watch TV while doing it.

There are 6 blocks like the one below and I will make a table runner out of it someday...

I also picked up some sock yarn to knit a pair of sox.  I have never knitted socks before because the heel has always intimidated me.  I have knitted Icelandic sweaters, fancy dancy sweaters, mittens, lots of things through the years, but never socks.  This should prove to be interesting.

I dug out my Readers Digest Complete Guide To Knitting in case I have a problem when I get to the heel. This is the best book ever.....

Been having probs with my wrist so I am going to try to wear my brace when knitting as I think it is carpal tunnel.  I am hoping with some exercises I wont have a prob. Wish me luck!!!

hugs, lJ