embroidered bear

embroidered bear
embroidered bear

Friday, January 6, 2017

Too Stinkin Cute

OK, I just have to show this to you.  I am so excited about doing this project.

Missouri Star Quilt  had a tute and this is the wall hanging Jenny made.  Of course her little blocks were old, hand embroidered pieces she has picked up over the years in antique stores, flea markets, garage sales, etc.

Isn't it precious!!!

I have no old, embroidered pieces, but I found the next best thing.  Embroidery Library  had, on sale, cute little woodland characters. 

  This is the first one I embroidered on my sewing machine. 2nd one is in my header.  There are 5 more in the package.

I love the fabrics Jenny used to go around each embroidery and want to use from the same batch.  They are so retro and go great with the little embroideries.

I will share as I go along with this cute project.  I have no babies in line for this little quilt or wall hanging that I know of, lol, but it is just too dang cute not to do.

Hugs, LJ

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Year Of Quilting

I will finish my civil war quilt and also make a penguin quilt for next winter to display.   I dearly love this cute quilt that Sindy Rodenmayer   http://www.fatcatpatterns.com   put together for her fat cat followers to make.

Between the two, I hope to keep very busy. I also want to learn to make soap and finish my 1/4 scale mini kits.  Let's see what I really get done, lol...

Here are the recent  civil war blocks I have finished.

You can find information about the blocks I am making at

Not only are these blocks interesting to make; the history about the brave civil war women that accompanies each block is fascinating to read.

Rosebud block

This block was designed by Becky Brown.  This block can remind us of Rose O’Neil Greenhow who was a confederate spy. 

Apple Tree Block

This block was inspired by a 1936 book “Romance of the Patchwork Quilt” by Carrie Hall.

Tennessee Block

Tennessee was the last state to join the Confederacy.

Calico Puzzle Block

This block first got its name in 1930 in the publication,  Kansas City Star.  This block reminds us of the fabric shortages during the war.

Tea Leaf Block

This block can also be referred to as a poplar, a magnolia or a maple leaf.  (this is also my favorite)

On to do the Ohio Star. 
Hugs, LJ


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Another New Year

Taking a Internet break for a bit.  I am hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas and going into the new year will be healthy, happy and prosperous for all.  God Bless us everyone.

Hugs to all, LJ

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Are You Ready???

Oh My Goodness!!!

My baby doesn't look like the same dog!!!

I feel guilty that the groomer had to shave him because we live in snow country, but his knots were extensive and close to the skin. 

He is wearing Rag's coat when he goes out, which is too big for him. I tried cutting it down for him and he is not fond of it.

I wish he didn't have to have his ears and muzzle so short....

We are bonding though.  Because he isn't so hot with all that hair he wants to be in our laps more.

That means he isn't getting into trouble,  YAY!!!

Groomer had a lot of big dogs there.  It was like a zoo.  I didn't realize she did so many big dogs and Max was traumatized by it.  He was under a table when I picked him up and when he saw me he went to me lickitty split... He has been such a good dog since being home that I guess it was a good thing, lol....

I will get around to say hi before Christmas.

Please have a very safe and Merry Christmas

Hugs, LJ

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Max Update

Madd Max is still Madd Max!!!

My husband is on a feeding tube due to radiation on the base of his tongue.  He wears a 4" X 4" IV sponge (kind of a gauzy, very tight weave thing a ma bob) around the port in his stomach.  Occasionally it falls off and he doesn't notice it when it does.  Max scooped it up and ate it before I could get to him. It took a week for him to finally cough that sucker up.  I was getting nervous, but the vet said to wait a few days and give him some pumpkin for fiber every day to keep him pooping.  He coughed out  a tube like thing about 5 inches long.  I don't know what to do with this dog !!!

We have put cardboard tubes around the wires to the outlets. He loves sticks to eat so I bought him a wood flavored nylon type chew.  He is driving me nuts!!!  We play with him, but he gets bored so easily...  I dropped some wire ties the other day and I picked them up to throw away. There were 10 ties, I picked up 5 but Max got the rest.  This trip I said "Max, treat"  he dropped them and came running. I hate to reward him for being naughty but I don't know what else to do....   Usually he will just eat it.  And he is fast, believe me....

It looks like the snow is his eyes, lol...

He loses all this hair tomorrow

He goes for his first hair cut tomorrow because he becomes one big snowball.  As you know I used to groom Rags, but Max will have no part of it.  I hope the groomer will have better luck than me. I have a feeling he will come home scalped...

I have all my Christmas shopping done, the cards are mailed.  The presents wrapped.  Amen...

I will cook lasagna for Christmas eve and don't know what I will make for dessert yet.

Hubby has cancer again.  This time in the left lung.  We haven't heard yet if it is an individual cancer again or if it has matastisized from another cancer.  It probably means radiation again.  Put him in your prayers.

  Hugs, LJ

Friday, December 2, 2016

Jeez, how can it be Christmas already???

Too much has been happening.  Is it really the season all ready?  I have to come up with easy peasy Christmas cards.

I will find one more and make duplicates cause, gee, it is Dec. 2nd.
How did that happen, lol...

Also my niece's birthday is coming up and she wants to sell her house in Florida and move home.  I saw this pic on the internet (sorry don't know where I got it so cant give kudo's to the person who posted it),  Anyway, this is what I am putting on the front of her card with a note that I hope she sells fast with my birthday wish....

Yes, I am a bit macabre in my thinking....

Hugs, LJ