Sick of Winter

Sick of Winter
Sick of Winter

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Truly the last 2 blocks unless I screw something up

H is for hospital

Actually a yellow flag with a green H signified that it was a hospital and should not be fired upon, but as you see not the colors  I used here.  Every large building was used as hospitals like hotels.

This is one of my favorite designs.  This block was given the name Kentucky Crossroads in an early-twentieth-century magazine.  Info was taken from Barbara Brackman's Civil War Sampler.  Her source for this block was a clipping in an old scrapbook.  All her books show an enormous amount of research and they not only have beautiful patterns for the blocks but are a wealth of information and enjoyable to read.

Putting the top together begins...

hugs, LJ

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hearts nothing but hearts

First off my gd's birthday is today.  This is the card I made for her. We are going to lunch during her school break also as both our BD's are this month. I look forward to it as I don't see her often enough.

Also our mini meeting was last night and I hadn't come up with anything to make in a while so we made heart shaped candy boxes with a little help from my silhouette machine.

Hearts from the dollar store for the top of the boxes.


  Projects don't always have to be so invested in time and so much detail. This was a fun project.  I forgot to take pics, dang it....

  Next meeting we will make the chocolates to go in them.

Have a wonderful valentines day.

  Hubby doesn't go out of the house in the winter as his immune system is severely damaged from all the radiation he has received. His walking now is greatly impaired.   I was going out to do errands and he said to me, "why don't you get yourself some roses".   I came home with chocolates, lol....

Hugs, LJ

Friday, February 2, 2018

Sashing and curtain

First off I want to say a rousing big hello to my latest followers.  When I click on the picture in followers I cant get a blog address.  I will find a way to get back to you so I can see your blog if you have one.   Indeed, I appreciate my new followers.

Here is the fabric I am using for the sashing for the civil war quilt.  

The sashing was just washed and will be ironed and sized sometime today.  I have to make 2 more blocks, Oh Wellllll....  I didn't count the corners of the bed, lol....

I think this curtain will look nice also in this sashing fabric....  Back to Joann's...

I am waiting till the sashing is done before I pick the backing which will probably be the border also.

Haven't decided yet how to quilt it.

I will be around to see all your blogs soon!

Hugs, LJ

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Last 4 Blocks

I have finished all the blocks to the civil war quilt,


Wed. Joann Fabrics is having a 20% off sale on your purchase be it sale or non-sale items...

Sashing fabric here I come!!!

I see a light at the end of the tunnel...

Hugs, LJ