Sunday, July 1, 2018

Hotter Than Hot


Almost 100 here today!  Missing my pool!

We aren't used to this up here in New England.....

My new floor air conditioners aren't handling the heat like my old window ones. Keeping it at 75 to 77 as far as the units are saying, but the thermostats are saying 80,  but it is keeping the humidity out of the house.

Found another cartoon to make us laugh during this stupid heat wave.

Ha  Ha…

Hugs, LJ

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Saw this and had to share

Hugs, lJ

PS... A special thankyou to Shez of for helping me get my comments back in my emails. I had missed so many good blog posts because I wasn't getting them.  Thanks for your great post a couple of days ago.

Friday, June 22, 2018


I finally got a decent shot of the hummingbird for my header pic.  yay

Been busy weeding the garden path that leads to the arbor and transplanting some Hosta's.  I let the weeding of this path go for a few years and it still isn't done.  Usually I can leave the moss around the stones and pluck out the weeds, not this time.  Too over grown.  Each stone was down to about 13" to 14" square and they are really 16" square. It will look bare a bit but between the duck weed and moss it wont take long, lol...

I want to plant daylilies between the hostas like around the house as it is really easy to take care of and looks nice.  Across from the hostas is where I put plants till I figure out what I will do with them, mostly it is spiderwart.

This yucca will have 3 blooming stocks soon.

This is so easy to care for -  my hostas and daylilies

The pump bit the dust to my bamboo spouted pot this year so I turned over the pot and filled it with flowers, trying to keep that spout spouting is a real pain so I will figure out another use for it.

My birds love this bird bath, they don't care if it is not level, lol...

I have 2 hanging tomato baskets off the deck rail and they are full to overflowing.

My little girl is hiding behind the fern because she lost her leg.

This reminds me of a ditty we use to sing while jumping rope:

I lost my leg in the army, I found it in the Navy, I dipped it in some gravy and gave it to my baby....

I'snt that horrible, I cant believe we use to sing that!!!

more daylilies

The deck is blooming

They don't last long but I love evening primrose and man do they take over.

Have a great day.

Hugs, LJ

Sunday, June 3, 2018

few gardening chores done

I have been out in the garden, finally....  Too much to do but I am taking it easy.  I did pull too hard on some overgrown grass around the roses and my chest hurt that night and scared the you know what out of me, so wont do that again.

Here are a few pics of things:

This is the good yucca....

That will bloom nicely

This is the bad yucca, see the empty spot
in the middle, I had to remove a huge dead part 
of the plant.  Winter kill maybe or it is where Max does his business.
I put up a wrought iron piece to try to detour him away.

The geranium is in bloom

I bought this rodo last fall for 25 bucks and it didn't disappoint.

And my quiet place is ready for my cup of tea and me....

Happy Gardening my friends, hugs, lj

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Hospital Visit

I can't believe I haven't been on since April 29th....  I have a good excuse. I was in the hospital for A Fib..  My computer is downstairs in my work shop so I haven't been going up and down the stairs.  I am on new meds which I am trying to get used to.   Also on a low salt diet.  Ugh....  Well enough of that.  Hope you all are enjoying spring weather and getting all your projects done.  I will be around to visit you all but it may take me a bit, I have so much to do around here.

Did get out  to weed my garden in front of the shed.  Did a lousy job but it is done somewhat.  Still have summer bulbs to plant, hopefully tomorrow.  Hubby has rallied and did the weed wacking and emptied the grass when he mowed.  He feels some what better and trying not to over do himself.

Mostly all I have been doing is reading. Read another of Liz Trenow's books, The Hidden Thread.  Another good read.

Also been knitting on the sweater, but my shoulder still is acting up so I taught myself to hold the yarn with my left hand and now I can switch back and forth.  It seems to relieve some pain in my shoulder.

Here is a pic, I do wish I were much further along....

Hope you are all enjoying Memorial Day and will join me in  a prayer for all our people who died while serving in the country's armed forces.

Hugs, LJ

Sunday, April 29, 2018


Hi, it has been a while since I posted.  I had bronchitis and it really knocked me for a loop.  I only had one round of antibiotics and I am hoping that will do the trick. People are telling me they have had two rounds to feel better.  Well, I do feel better and hope it lasts.

Haven't done much but be lazy and read.  I am stuck on books by Liz Trenow.  I read "The Last Telegram" and "The Forgotten Seamstress".  Right now I am on "The Poppy Factory".  She is a fantastic writer from Great Britain.  She does a lot of research and they are all historical novels which I enjoy.  Had to go back to the brick and mortar library to get them as I couldn't find all of them on the internet library. Going back to the library made me realize I miss the true library experience and actually find better books there than on line. I suppose I could find them if I want to pay for them, but the library is there for our enjoyment and all ready paid for through our taxes so why pay those gigantic prices at the book store. There are better things to spend my money on.  Like sewing stuff...............

Speaking of which I finally got my quilting table.  Here are a few pics:

It is really good size.

 The ruler on the front of it is handy.

Here is the table topper I practiced on

Hard to see the free motion stitches. Some areas are better than others...

Have to clear off the DR table to put it on, Way too much stuff on there.
Hugs, LJ

Saturday, April 14, 2018

New Cards

I cant seem to get out of a rut.  My cards look all the same to me.  Need inspiration, lol...

Hugs, LJ