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cup of tea
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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Cactus Quilt Wall Hanging


Before I show you the quilt I will post a little about how to put it together in case you want to give it a try.  This comes from Missouri Star Quilt instructions on a quilt as you go quilt which is a bit faster than a traditional quilt.  I tried to give the url here but it wont come through.  I will look for it again and see if I can get it to work.

In the video she sews the embroideries to the batting and backing.  I machine basted them.  I don't make the straightest stitches in the world, so I knew it wouldn't come out right  when I stitched to fold over the seams.  I knew those previous stitches would show somewhere along the line.  I would rather take the extra time and baste and take out those stitches that end up showing...  Even so it still is a quicker method of putting your piece together and instant quilting.

Machine basting

Trim the back fabric to one inch

Sew these blocks together

Fold seams under and stitch

Sew panels together and fold those seams under and stitch same as above

Fold under all the way around and wha la

Easy Peasy!!!

I hope my niece likes it!

now I have to figure out if I make a sleeve to hang or because it is small,  perhaps just two rings that she can add a ribbon to and hang.

Hugs, LJ

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Getting There

So far I have all the embroidery done.  I have matched them up with the fabric I think I will use.  Need to cut the batting and arrange (I like this arrangement)  and come up with the size I want it to be and wha la.....

I will put a sleeve at the back for a dowel rod for hanging.

Hugs, LJ

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Fabric and Barrel Cactus

I picked some fabric for the quilt but not sure if I will use these or maybe go buy some others.  This is what I go through every time I start a new quilt.  I like to use my stash but sometimes my stash isn't what I want, lol.... 

Here is the first of 9 cactus designs

Barrel Cactus

Going to go get a cup of tea...

Hugs, LJ

Friday, August 11, 2017

Threads Picked

Today I went through my Sulky treads and these are the ones I picked out for the first cactus in my quilt.   I just may have enough, but I really should replenish some of my threads so I don't get hit with a big expense all at once.

See the stuffed animal in the left top corner.... He has graced my sewing table for months.  He needs to be stitched so Max can have him back to play with.   Well, actually I have a few that need repair, lol....

This will be the first cactus to be stitched:

The Barrel Cactus

We saw these out in the desert when in Tucson.  They are so pretty when in bloom.

Hugs, LJ

Thursday, August 10, 2017

starting a new wall quilt

Hi, hope you all are having a safe, healthy, wonderful summer.

I did a couple of cards and need to do a couple more  to get me thru the next few weeks because I am going to start a new quilt.

Cards I did so far...

  The quilt will be a wall quilt and I will quilt it as I go.  I loved how the machine embroidery looked on the crib quilt, so I downloaded some cactus designs from Embroidery Library for my wall quilt.   Will show the designs at a later time once I start the project.

You quilters know that it takes some time to get ready for a new quilt!!!    Pull the fabric from our stash,  go buy new fabrics that will match if needed, ha, ha, of course I will need some.  Check out the threads for the embroidery.   I  have to figure out dimensions as I am going to make each embroidered block a bit bigger than the last quilt.  I actually am trying to save a bit of moola....  the more embroideries I pick the more I have to spend on thread, which is really expensive. I hope this will work out how I have it in my head, lol....  I want it to look nice, but be a bit less expensive.... Retirement income, you know....

I am off to change the color changes in my embroideries.  They come through with a different thread manufacturer and I can go in and change it to Sulky which I use (and of course have a stash) but will surely have to go buy some new colors, lol...

Have a great nite and week end.  Hugs, LJ

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tranquility at its best

This is where
I go.

To glide,
to read,
to pray,
to meditate
my days away. 

I love this spot.

Because this is New England this spot doesn't last long enough to suit me.
But I will enjoy it while I can.

Sometimes my little Max will come and sit with me.

But not for long - as he is still a puppy and as puppies do are anxious to get on to the next moment in time.

Hugs to all, LJ